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Floating Concrete Docks

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The difference between the typical dock and a Premier Modular Concrete Dock, is the solid concrete foundation. We don’t just use concrete as a part of the decking, we’ve designed the entire flotation system around it.

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1,750 Lbs.
Per Unit

Each Patented Uni-Module is Manufactured and inspected at our plant, and then shipped to marinas collectively where they are assembled to make our flotation foundation for our boat docks.

  • Each Uni-Module Weighs 1,750 Lbs.
  • Each Uni-Module Measures 4'x4'x3'4".
  • 100% Marine Foam Flotation Coverage.
  • Low Center of Gravity with 20" of Freeboard
  • All Steel Components are Hot Dipped Galvanized After Fabrication.
  • Proven Through-Rod Patented Fame System.
  • Hydraulically Post-Tensioned Cable System.
  • Extremely Stable, Even In Rough Water Conditions.

Standard Roof Tin - PBR 26 Gauge

The universal all-in-one patented Uni-Module is the flotation, frame and decking system. The Uni-Module is a concrete encapsulated foam, encased on all six sides, weighing in excess of 1,750 Lbs. each with the following features:

  • Finished with a Permanent Textured Anti-Skid Surface.
  • Low Maintenance Pre-Cast Concrete Construction.
  • Long Life Span With Our 10 Year Limited Flotation Warranty.
  • Non-Deterioration, Fireproof and Non-Polluting to our Natural Environment.
  • Heaviest Flotation Foundation System Available.
  • Interlocking Patented Key Way System.

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Our Heavy Duty Standard Underwater Support is one continuous length that covers multiple slips (not a short length that is only in the inside of the slip or has only one brace per slip). Our Superior underwater continuous support is a 16” triangle shape that is reinforced by galvanized post tension 7 strand cable for additional strength. The underwater is supported by a 2” by 2” by 3/16” square posts that are easy to install, adjustable and removable.

From the Uni-Module floats themselves, to the anchoring systems that secure them, each of our products are designed, manufactured, assembled and installed in-house.


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